2009 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures

Did you know?

  • Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • 5. 3 million people are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • Alzheimer’s is now the sixth leading cause of death (surpassing diabetes)
  • There are now 9.9 million unpaid caregivers in America
  • One in eight people aged 65 or older suffers from Alzheimer’s disease
  • There are other types of dementia besides Alzheimer’s disease?

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Mark Boguski, M.D., Ph.D. is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and is a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, "a movement in which networked patients shift from being mere passengers to responsible drivers of their health" and in which professional health care providers encourage "empowered patients" and value them as full partners in managing their health and wellness.

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