Toilet Paper Trouble for Travis Pastrana

Motocross star Travis Pastrana was injured in yesterday’s Moto X 17 Best Trick event at the X Games in Los Angeles. The 27 year old was performing his signature “Toilet Paper Roll” trick- launching from a steep ramp and back-flipping a motorcycle while simultaneously attempting an off-axis spin all while completing a 720-degree rotation- when he missed the and landed on his leg with the motorcycle on top. He had to be assisted off the ramp, and x-rays showed fractures of his right foot and ankle.  Pastrana’s trainer, Todd Jacobs, told  ESPN that he will need surgery to repair these injuries, as well as a hand ligament injury that he had sustained at practice, in Maryland at a later date.

“No one is more disappointed than Travis,” Jacobs said. “He feels like he let everyone down and hopes everyone knows how hard he worked for this.”

Here is a video of Travis practicing the TP Roll last year:

Motorcross as an organized sport is becoming increasingly popular across the country, especially among children and adolescents . This story made me wonder what are the most common types of motocross injuries. Here’s what I learned:

Arms and legs includes fractures of the arms, legs and collarbones. Head includes concussions and skull fractures.

Shoulder injuries, such as broken collar bones (clavicles), shoulder dislocations and separations, and rotator cuff tears are common when bikers flip over their handlebars.

Surgery was required for more than one third of injured patients, most commonly for the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

Any of you motocross bikers? Tell us your experiences. Have you had any injuries?

Photo credit: Rich van Every-Red Bull Photofiles 2009.

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