UPDATE: Gang Starr’s Guru DJ has died

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We reported last month that Rapper Guru was in a coma after suffering a heart attack. We have now learned that the 43 yr. old has died after a year-long battle with cancer. The type and location of the cancer was not revealed.  According to his partner, Solar: “The world has lost one of the best MCs and hip-hop icons of all-time — my loyal best friend, partner, and brother, Guru,” Solar said. “Guru has been battling cancer for well over a year and has lost his battle! This is a matter that Guru wanted private until he could beat it, but tragically, this did not happen. The cancer took him. Now the world has lost a great man and a true genius.”

African Americans, which comprise approximately 13% of the US population, have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the United States for most cancers. According to the American Cancer Society, “The causes of these inequalities are complex and are thought to reflect social and economic disparities more than biologic differences associated with race. These include inequalities in work, wealth, income, education, housing and overall standard of living, barriers to high-quality health care, and racial discrimination.” They also note that the disparity is decreasing over time.

Mark Boguski, M.D., Ph.D. is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and is a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, "a movement in which networked patients shift from being mere passengers to responsible drivers of their health" and in which professional health care providers encourage "empowered patients" and value them as full partners in managing their health and wellness.

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