Victoria Beckham Giving Up Stilettos for Flats?

Victoria Beckham wearing flats???

Come on, this is a woman who wore her signature stilettos shoes even when she was 9 months pregnant with fourth child Harper Seven. What’s going on?

According to People magazine, Beckham is recovering from a “slipped disc” in her back, and stilettos just aggravate the condition. The Daily Mail, “has learned that Mrs Beckham’s condition is being overseen by a number of specialists – and she currently cannot walk far, bend over or lift heavy objects.”

Victoria is supposed to be showing her Spring-Summer DVB collection at New York Fashion Week in September, and according to one source, Beckham is forbidden to wear high heels:

Victoria has been frantically surfing the web for an acceptable pair of flats, ones which don’t make her look like a golf club. Christian Louboutin and Roger Vivier are both tipped to save the day and design Mrs Beckham a suitably glamorous flat alternative.

Your backbone, or spine, is made up of 26 bones called vertebrae. In between them are soft disks filled with a jelly-like substance. These disks cushion the vertebrae and keep them in place. A herniated disk is a disk that slips out of place or ruptures. If it presses on a nerve, it can cause back pain or sciatica.

Symptoms include:

  • Back pain that spreads to the buttocks and legs, when the herniated disk is in your lower back
  • Neck pain that spreads to the shoulders and upper arms, when the herniated disk is in your upper back
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Muscle spasms or weakness

With treatment, most people recover. It can take a long time. Treatments include rest, pain and anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy and sometimes surgery. Losing weight can help too (but I don’t think that’s Victoria Beckham’s problem).

For more information about herniated disc, click here to go to the Resounding Health Casebook on the topic.

What do you think? Do you think flats could become the new fashion trend?

Michele R. Berman, M.D. was Clinical Director of The Pediatric Center, a private practice on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. from 1988-2000, and was named Outstanding Washington Physician by Washingtonian Magazine in 1999. She was a medical internet pioneer having established one of the first medical practice websites in 1997. Dr. Berman also authored a monthly column for Washington Parent Magazine.

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