Johnson & Johnson Heiress Found Dead

Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson, was found dead at her home on Monday. The 30 year old, who is the daughter of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, was in the news lately when it was announced that she had become engaged to reality personality Tila Tequila.  According to TMZ, Tequila said that “the two had fought last week and that she was unable to reach Johnson Dec. 29 after she left her dogs at Tequila’s house”. TMZ also reported that Johnson had a history of Type I Diabetes, and that she has been hospitalized twice for a diabetic coma. Insulin syringes were found in her home. She had probably died a few days before she was discovered by a housekeeper.

Police do not seem to think that foul play was involved, although as readers of this blog will know, an autopsy and toxicology testing will have to be done before a cause of death will be announced.  More to come when more is known…

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