Tori Spelling Taken to Hospital with Stomach Pain

Actress Tori Spelling, of Beverly Hills 90210 and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood fame, has been taken to hospital two times in the past week with severe stomach (abdominal) pain. She has been seen by a stomach specialist (gastroenterologist), and a diagnosis is still pending. Apparently other family members including husband Dean McDermott and kids Liam and Stella, have also had “flu-like symptoms” and Dean even needed IV fluids for dehydration. Spelling has been reporting on the family’s illness through a number of Tweets sent out over the past several days:

“Thnx 4 all the well wishes! [Dean] & I R at the ER.  They R givn him IV. He’s very dehydrated.Running tests.will keep our tweeps updated!” (September 20)

“At stomach specialist although since it hit Liam last night 2 I’m sure he just had a stomach flu. Praying Stella doesn’t get it!”(September 29)

Since the entire family appears to be involved the most like culprit is gastroenteritis, or as it is commonly known- a “stomach flu.” Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache and fever. Gastroenteritis can be caused by a variety of different organisms. Most episodes are caused by viruses, however bacteria, such as salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, E. coli, and parasites, such as giardia are also possible culprits. The most common complication of gastroenteritis is dehydration, when oral intake lags behind the loss of fluids in vomit(emesis) and diarrhea. Children and infants are the most susceptible to dehydration and should be watched closely.

Signs of Dehydration:
• Increased thirst
• Decreased urination
• Feeling weak or light-headed

Signs of dehydration in young children
might also include:

• Dry mouth or tongue
• Few or no tears when crying
• No wet diapers for 3 hours or more
• Sunken eyes, cheeks, abdomen, or fontanelle (soft spot on top of the head)
• Irritability or listlessness (low energy)
• Decreased skin turgor (skin that flattens very slowly when pinched and released)

If signs of dehydration are present, contact a health professional.

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Mark Boguski, M.D., Ph.D. is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and is a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, "a movement in which networked patients shift from being mere passengers to responsible drivers of their health" and in which professional health care providers encourage "empowered patients" and value them as full partners in managing their health and wellness.

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