Actor and Comedian Dom DeLuise, 75, dies from multiple complications of lifetime obesity

Actor, comedian, author and chef Dom DeLuise died in his sleep on May 4, 2009 at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA where he was hospitalized suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure and breathing problems following a long battle with cancer. Unfortunately, this collection of ailments represents a classic picture of the multiple medical complications of obesity. There is even a special name for this: Syndrome X which includes obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Uncontrolled diabetes and/or high blood pressure often lead to kidney failure. Obesity is also a separate risk factor for several types of cancer.

Mr. DeLuise had a passion for cooking and food and was the author of several cookbooks (he is not to be mistaken for chef Paul Prudhomme who he physically resembles). This passion for food took its toll on him — he struggled with obesity throughout his life and finally agreed to enroll in a program at the Duke University Diet & Fitness Center ( ) when his doctor refused to perform needed hip replacement surgery until he lost weight.

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As we’ve said before, creative artists often achieve a type of practical immortality through their body of works. According to an article in the Huffington Post (, Mr. DeLuise’s funniest films are:




In addition to his acting work, Mr. DeLuise authored several cookbooks and childrens’ books.

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